Research Article

Telemedicine in Cardiology Outpatient Clinic: First Experience from a Tertiary Medical Center During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Elton Soydan
  • Meral Kayıkçıoğlu
  • Mehdi Zoghi
E J Cardiovasc Med 2021; 9: 83-93 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2021-01-08
Effects of COVID-19 Infection on P-Wave Dispersion, P-Wave Peak Time and Atrial Conduction Times
  • Bedrettin Boyraz
  • Ersin İbişoğlu
E J Cardiovasc Med 2021; 9: 143-149 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2021-05-033
Do Cardiological Characteristics Explain the Mortality Rate Disparity Between Genders in COVID-19?
  • Timor Omar
  • Muammer Karayakalı
  • Gökhan Perincek
E J Cardiovasc Med 2021; 9: 169-177 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2021-08-042
Are the Treadmill Test Results Reliable in Terms of Diagnosis when Performed Using a Surgical Mask?
  • Fatih Aydın
E J Cardiovasc Med 2022; 10: 184-190 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2022.2022-07-039
Post-COVID-19 Exercise Stress Test
  • Şahbender Koç
E J Cardiovasc Med 2022; 10: 191-199 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2022.2022-10-047

Case Report

Benign Outcomes in Two Heart Transplant Patients with COVID-19 Pneumonia
  • Onur Barış Dayanır
  • Oğuz Kılınç
  • Öztekin Oto
E J Cardiovasc Med 2022; 10: 148-152 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2022.2022-07-043