Research Article

Percutaneous Reconstruction Techniques: Popliteal Artery Approach for Chronic Total Occlusion of Superficial Femoral and Iliac Arteries
  • Emced Khalil
E J Cardiovasc Med 2020; 8: 107-112 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2020.07.035
Episcleral Venous Tortuosity Indicates Increased Ventricular Filling Pressure in Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction
  • Şahbender Koç
E J Cardiovasc Med 2020; 8: 113-122 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2020.02.08
The Relation Between Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Left Ventricular Strain Parameters in Patients with Subclinical Hypothyroidism
  • Kaya Özen
  • Süleyman Akkaya
  • Cegerğun Polat
  • Hüseyin Ede
  • Ahmet Görgel
  • Önder Öztürk
E J Cardiovasc Med 2020; 8: 123-130 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2020.07.037
Comparison of Demographical Properties, Biochemical Parameters, Flow-mediated Dilatation Values and Carotis Intima Media Thickness of Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
  • Emrah Erdal
  • Müjgan Gürler
  • Mehmet İnanır
  • Namık Özmen
E J Cardiovasc Med 2020; 8: 131-137 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2020.01.03
Outcomes and Efficacy of Percutaneous Transluminal Renal Artery Angioplasty with Stent in Patients with Atherosclerotic Renal Artery Stenosis
  • Nuri Köse
  • Tarık Yıldırım
E J Cardiovasc Med 2020; 8: 138-145 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2020.11.057
Preoperative Vitamin D Level Predicts Operative Mortality After Cardiac Surgery
  • Atike Tekeli Kunt
  • Naim Boran Tümer
  • Kanat Özışık
  • Serdar Günaydın
E J Cardiovasc Med 2020; 8: 146-151 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2020.08.043

Case Report

Successfully Managed Carotid Endarterectomy with Shunting Under Ultrasound Guided Carotid Sheath Block Combined with Superficial Cervical Plexus Block
  • Fulya Yılmaz
  • İbrahim Erdinç
  • Ahmet Dede
  • Koray Bas
E J Cardiovasc Med 2020; 8: 152-156 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2020.07.038
Dislodgement of the Fully Expanded Stent and the Management of This Complication by Using Crushing Technique
  • Sara Çetin Şanlıalp
  • Işık Tekin
  • Musa Şanlıalp
E J Cardiovasc Med 2020; 8: 157-162 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2020.04.019

Video Article

Surgical Correction of Truncus Arteriosus (Type II) in a Neonate
  • Öztekin Oto
E J Cardiovasc Med 2020; 8: 163-164 DOI: 10.32596/ejcm.galenos.2020.08.042